Update on Sheep Measurements


August 6, 2020

4:00 pm


5:00 pm


Update on Sheep Measurements for Whitehorse Department of Environment

Due to Covid spacing restrictions they do not have a staff member in every day for measuring and plugging horns.
Spacing in their measuring room is tight and they have had to modify their processes.

Here is what you need to know:
·         Phil Merchant, retired sheep biologist, will be contracted to measure sheep on as needed basis.  He will be training an additional biologist to assist.
·         Through August, Phil will come in based on volume of horns received
·         We are offering clients two options for their heads:

1)      Leave the horns at the Dept of ENV.  They will begin the harvest report, tag the horns with client name, phone number and HRBS, bag the head and re-tag that bag with the same information.  Heads will go in the freezer until the afternoon before measuring.  They need to be thawed for plug glue to hold well. They will call you once processed and ready for pick-up.

2)      Start the HRBS form, leave your name and number and they will put you on the “call in list”.  They will call you when we know a date Phil will be measuring and you can return at that time with the head(s).

·         They will not be allowing clients in the measuring room.  You are welcome to wait outside.  If you have questions for Phil he can discuss outside, or be prepared with a mask if you do need to be in close proximity.

·         These processes do not alter harvest reporting and biological submission deadlines.

Covid has made this season a bit of a moving target and this process may be adapted as required.

If you have any questions or need updates feel free to contact
Kate Layfield
Licencing and Permits Coordinator |
Environment | Environnement | V-3A
T 867-667-5221 | C 867-332-5188 | Yukon.ca