Common Questions

What do I get with my membership?

You get to be a part of an incredible organization dedicated to wildlife conservation and management that has been advocating for access to hunting and fishing opportunities for all its members since 1945. As part of that organization, you also get:

  • Access to ticket presales for the annual Wild Game Banquet, Auction & Awards.
  • Six Outdoor Canada West magazines per year with Yukon specific content.
  • 10% Discount Card to Mark’s Work Warehouse.
  • 3rd party liability insurance of $5 million liability and $4000 AD&D.
  • Eligibility for prestigious awards, scholarships, prizes, and sponsorships.
  • A strong voice in Yukon fish and wildlife management.
  • Volunteer Opportunities in various fish and wildlife projects.
  • Access to training programs, such as the Yukon Outdoor Woman Program, Youth Outdoor Education Camp, field dressing & meat care workshops, and mentored hunts.
  • Access to a community of people who share your passion for the outdoors.
  • Opportunities to ensure your access to the Yukon outdoors, and leave hunting and fishing opportunities for your children and grandchildren.
Where does the YFGA stand on the new firearms regulations?

As of April 28, 2023, the firearms regulations proposals are being reviewed by the federal government and few details are available. The YFGA will develop a position on the “new” proposals when they are made available. However, the YFGA supports continued and non-restricted access to firearms suitable for hunting and sporting activities.

What are the biggest threats to Yukon wildlife today?

The effects of climate change on habitat and ecological processes could potentially pose a serious threat to Yukon wildlife. The potential for invasive species and disease to move into the Yukon could also pose threats to wildlife. For example, chronic wasting disease—a disease affects ungulates—and M. ovi—a bacterium carried by domestic animals that causes pneumonia in wild goats and sheep—are becoming increasingly prevalent in the provinces.

Do you have a designated membership year?

No, your membership starts upon payment of the fee and continues for one year from that date.

Do you have a family membership option?

Yes, we do.  Annual family memberships are $35

Do YFGA members get discounts from outfitters or charters?

Not at this time. However, members do get a discount card for a 10% discount on purchases from Mark’s Work Warehouse.

What does the YFGA do with my membership fees?

YFGA membership fees help pay for liability insurance and subscriptions to the Outdoor Canada Magazine (direct benefits for each member). They also help support wages for the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board and those who work with government departments on behalf of the YGFA members to ensure the views and privileges of licensed hunters and fishers are considered when wildlife management decisions are made. Membership fees also help fund conservation projects and education programs.

How can I get involved with a YFGA-supported project?

We are always looking for volunteers and ideas. Please contact the YFGA office or speak to one of our directors to find out what projects are currently on-the-go and have opportunities to participate. If you have an idea for a project—or one that you would like to lead—please contact our office and we will make sure you can present your ideas to the Board of Directors.

I’ve never hunted before, but I want to try. Can the YFGA help me?

The YFGA—in partnership with the Hunter Education Coordinator from the Conservation Officer Services Branch—periodically offers training courses on hunting iconic species in the Yukon, including bison, sheep, moose and elk. Check our Facebook page to find out when the next course is being offered. However, if you are new to hunting, we recommend you first take the Hunting Education and Ethical Development (HEED) course, which is a pre-requisite for obtaining a hunting license in the Yukon. Becoming a member of the YFGA will also make it easier for you to meet and get to know many experienced hunters. An expert hunter can offer invaluable advice and help you develop the skills to become a safe, knowledgeable and successful hunter.

What is the YFGA’s relationship with Yukon First Nations?

The YFGA respects the rights of First Nations with respect to hunting and fishing across the Yukon. For First Nations who have settlement agreements, we also recognize and respect the right of management of settlement land. We work together with the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board, which is a co-management board responsible for wildlife management under the Umbrella Final Agreement. For over fifty years, well-known First Nations trapper, outfitter, citizen and mentor Alex Van Bibber worked with the YFGA in our Youth Camp Program and was instrumental in instilling a long-standing ethic at the YFGA of respect for the land, and the people and animals living on it.

What is the YFGA’s relationship with the Yukon Government?

The YFGA works well with all levels of the Yukon Government. We have a strong and respectful relationship with the Minister of Environment, and a good working relationship with leadership and staff at the Department of Environment. Working with their wildlife professionals lets us represent views and ideas from Yukon’s licensed hunters and ensure that our perspective is considered in the department’s management decisions and recommendations. We also work closely with the Conservation Officer Services Branch in delivery of training and education programs and the Turn in Poachers and Polluters (TIPPs) program. We appreciate funding that the Yukon Government provides—through an annual funding agreement—for many of our education programs and initiatives.