Potential Wolf Attack

November 6, 2023

Saxon Ritchie



Conservation officers are investigating a potential wolf attack against a dog that occurred in the Dome Road area on Sunday, November 5. Officers have been made aware of a wolf presence in the Henderson Corner area, the Dredge Pond subdivision, and the Dome subdivision. We are collaborating with the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in Government Fish and Wildlife branch.

If you are walking your dog, please avoid the area of Upper Ninth Ave and Buried Treasure trails. Signage has been posted at the entrances of these trails.  

When at home, consider bringing pets inside or make sure they are in a secure or fenced area.

While it is extremely rare for wolves to attack humans, they have been known to attack pets and livestock. If you encounter a wolf, remain calm and do not run, keep pets on a leash and children close. If you cannot move to a safe location, stand your ground, make yourself larger, make loud human noises, prepare your deterrent or look for anything that can be used to defend yourself.

Officers take reports seriously and are monitoring the area. Please report any wolf sightings or unusual wildlife behaviour directly to the TIPP line at 1-800-661-0525.