Bushcraft Clinics 2021


June 10, 2021

4:00 pm


5:00 pm


Bushcraft Clinics 2021

Courses are starting back up again this year.

Bushcraft Yukon, Vista Outdoor Learning Centre, Environment Yukon’s Hunting Education Program and Yukon Fish and Game Association are teaming up once again for to bring top notch outdoor education to Yukoners this summer! We are happy to announce a new series of wilderness skills workshop and clinics for 2021. We picked several topics and will cover them in sweet and short 2-3 hour evening sessions throughout the summer months.

For more information on the courses see the course descriptions below. We will post dates for these clinics as they become available.

Cost: $30/person/session

To sign up please follow this link:

https://www.bushcraftyukon.com/courses/wilderness-skills-clinics/ …and fill out the sign-up form.

Cutting it! – Knives, Saws and Axes and their use in the Wilderness

June 16, 2021 (6-9pm)

Knives, Axes and Saws are invaluable tools in the outdoors. This 3 hour hands-on workshop will not only cover safe techniques for the efficient use of those tools, but also tips and trick on how to sharpen and maintaining them for reliable use.
You will work on a few little projects and learn how to use your knife for fire starting, food prep and wood crafting. Do you want to build your own improvised bucksaw just with your knife? Looking for some tricks on how to quickly cut your firewood with that saw? Need to fell a small tree or split wood with an axe? We will cover all this and more!
We will also discuss different types and styles of knives, saws and axes and you get to try the various tools to find out which work best for you. So, if you are in the market to buy a new knife, saw or axe, we may have some advice for you!

Come on, baby, light my fire! – Fire starting techniques for Wilderness Wanderers

June 29, 2021 (6-9pm)

Being able to reliably start a fire –even under adverse weather conditions- is an important skill for anyone venturing into the wilderness. In this clinic you will learn what to pack into your emergency fire starting kit and how to find and process natural tinder in the bush. We will cover various fire lighting methods and how to safely manage your campfire. This workshop has been a participant favorite and we are excited to offer it again this year!

In a Bind? – Ropes and Knots for outdoor use

Date TBA (6-9pm)

“If you don’t know knots – tie lots”. If you feel there could be a better strategy when tying off a boat on shore, hanging a tarp in camp, or securing a canoe on your roof rack – then this is the right workshop for you!
We will take a close look at various ropes and strings to make sure you choose the appropriate and safe material for the task at hand. Then we will look at some useful knots and practice them in real world applications. You want to make your own cordage? A brief hands-on lesson will teach you some basics in making rope from natural fibers.
Stuck in the mud with your ATV? Sunk your snow machine in deep snow? Or pinned the canoe on a rock? Simple pulley or winch systems and their mechanical advantage can turn a strong rope into a powerful tool freeing your vehicle.

When the Shit hits the Fan – Dealing with Wilderness Emergencies

Date TBA (6-9pm)

Proper trip planning can help to avoid some emergencies in the first place. And being mindful and alert during a trip can aid us detecting changing conditions and abort potentially dangerous activities before something goes wrong. But what if still something happens? How do humans react to the stress in emergency situations? How can we make sound decisions when disaster strikes on our wilderness trip?
During this workshop we will look at trip planning, safety monitoring systems for on the trail, aspects of survival psychology. We will discuss ideas for survival kits, decision making strategies for emergency situations and how to call for help when out and about.

Buns in the oven? Campfire baking for Outdoor Gourmets

Date TBA (6-9pm)

Nothing beats food prepared over the hot coals of a campfire.
For this evening workshop we will dive into the secrets of baking and you will get your hands-dirty preparing delicious pizza, breads and desserts from scratch in camp. Come hungry!

There will be more Hunter education courses coming up in the near future. Including some sight in your rifle clinics and hopefully how to field dress an animal workshops and some Yukon outdoor women sessions.

We look forward to seeing all of our outdoor community learning together again.