Big Bull Night

Mt Mac Grey Mountain Room

November 26, 2022

9:30 pm


5:00 pm


* You MUST bring your Kill Report or kill report number for our files to ensure legal harvest. No exceptions, an animal will not be taken to be scored without the kill report information.
* YFGA will prioritize scoring member harvests. Non-member entries will be set to the side and scored if time permits.
* We will be extending the time frame to hand in your submissions until December 1st. If you are unable to join us November 27th please contact James MacKrell at 334-5805 to arrange having your animal scored.
* Membership must be current at the time of harvest to be eligible for the awards.
* The skull must be cleaned or dried (no foul smells, maggots or rotten meat) and ready to score. Skulls that have not been cleaned will NOT be scored.

We will be having door prizes!!!
We look forward to seeing you November 27th